Early March Ice Shoves & An Oshkosh Then and Now Photo

The first winter storm warning of the season was issued on Mar 2.  The storm was worthy of the warning and it reminded me how much I enjoy a snowstorm.  It is something that has been severely lacking in 2011-12 winter season. More on the storm can be found here. A little over two weeks ago I posted preliminary meteorological winter statistics.  I have now updated the numbers and they can be found here. Overall the numbers kept moving in the direction they were headed. Winter was abnormally warm and lacking in snowfall. Spring weather is just around the corner. Following the LRC and the trend it provides for temperature and precipitation, Oshkosh should be fully entrenched in spring by the end of March.  For a look at the trends please click here. Stay on top of the weather that is happening now by visiting the OSNW3 weather brief linked below.

(OSNW3 Weather Brief)
(OSNW3 March Observations)

(OSNW3 March 2012 Summary)
(click on graph for the month summary data - it will open a new tab/window)


Ice Shoves
Sunday Mar 4 provided me with time to cruise around town looking for photos ops.  I was pleasantly surprised to see some ice shoves on shore at Menomonie Park.  I am certain I drove by the same spot on Feb 28 and didn't see them.  My thinking of the weather on that day was with the strong SSE winds and rain that there could potentially be some ice shoves taking place.  I could have been right.  Never the less, the shoves are there now. Fittingly, prior to my drive I read Andrew Sabai's article "The Power Of Ice" in the Oshkosh Scene. Good stuff. Click the image for more photos.

(Mar 4, 2012 - Ice Shoves - Menomonie Park)


Oshkosh Then and Now - 115 years
A year ago I was linked to a spot on the Internet where the Oshkosh Public Museum is hosting old images of Oshkosh.  Of course my initial search criteria was 'snow'.  After viewing all of the images I felt compelled to take new photos of the exact same locations to provide a 'then and now' type photograph. A rejuvenated excitement for photography has helped me begin this adventure. Attempt number 1 is below.

(Webster Building - corner of Church and Main)
Both photographs were taken looking west down Church Ave and across Main Street with Webster Block at the right. In the top photo from 1897-99 "the streets are covered in snow and a horse drawn sliegh is visible. The lower story of the building has signs for "Turner Drug Store" and a Prudential Insurance sign wraps around the turret. Turner Drug only occupied this space between 1897 and 1899. It was operated by Dr. James Turner and his son William A. Turner and appears in the Oshkosh City Directory as J. Turner ans Son Drugstore." The image courtesy of the Oshkosh Public Museum. Today, the streets are clear of snow with snow pile remnants of an early March snowstorm. The magnificently restored Webster building is a combination of cosmopolitan-style apartments as well as retail businesses. For a birdseye view click here.  


Front Of House
A snowy scene in my front yard after the snowstorm.

(Mar 3, 2012)