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Oshkosh City Tournament Weather Forecast: Aug 11-12

Oshkosh City Tournament
Since the early 1930's, the city of Oshkosh has held an annual city golf tournament. I'm fortunate enough to have been participating in it since 2005. Aug 11-12 is the big weekend for 2012. 140+ participants will battle through a two day 36 hole grind. For information on the tournament please visit the Lakeshore Municipal Golf Course website. Good luck to all the golfers!!


2012 Oshkosh City Tournament Forecast
The weather forecast below is based on Lezak's Recurring Cycle theory. It is my interpretation of the 2011-12 cycle year. For more information on the LRC please click here.

Partly cloudy.
1 and 6 chance of rain. (17%)
High around 80.
Low around 60.

Mostly sunny.
High in the mid 80s.
Low in the mid 60s.

To see the Oshkosh Temp/Precip Forecast Trend, where this forecast is based from, please click here.

(Oshkosh City Tournament Weather since 2005)

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