2011-12 Meteorological Winter Statistics

This is certainly the fun part that comes along with having the archived historical daily weather data for Oshkosh! The data archive goes back to 1894. This winter has claimed a spot the history books!

Recognizing the significance of this winters behaviors in categories of mean temperature and the amount of days with maximum temperatures above freezing is crucial. Adding snowfall total and days with measurable snowfall to the comparison the 2011-12 winter becomes one for the ages. Please click the link below for the complete set of rankings (to see each category please scroll down once on the linked page). Click the images for a larger view of the graphs.

Oshkosh All-time Rankings
Snowfall Total, 14.6 inches, 18th least of 119 seasons
Days With Measurable Snowfall, 20 days, 32nd most of 119 seasons
Days With MaxT >= 32, 62 days, 5th most of 119 seasons
Mean Temperature, 26.9 degrees, 4th warmest of 119 seasons

(Oshkosh, WI - Snowfall Total)

(Oshkosh, WI - Days With Measurable Snowfall)

(Oshkosh, WI - Days With MaxT >= 32)

(Oshkosh, WI - Mean Temperature)

Note: Many seasons have missing snow or precipitation data. For an example, no snow was recorded in the seasons of 1900-1901, 1981-1982, and 1982-1983. Because of this I have added the amount of observations for precipitation and snowfall each season to the rankings.

After analyzing the data it seems this type of "lacking snowfall" we have experienced in 2011-12 actually occurs about a third of the time in a span of the last 30 years. The stat took me by surprise a little bit. The daily measurable snowfall category seems legit as it is in the top 3rd. We here at OSNW3 are very dedicated to our daily observations and when it snows we strive to get a measurement as often as possible. We all know it's been mild and where this winter ranks in the temperature category is expected. Very near the top for warmth. If there are any other winter weather related statistics for Oshkosh I didn't share in this entry please feel free to contact me to obtain what you are looking for!