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May Summary

OSNW3 May 2014 Daily Observations

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#OSNW3 recorded the least amount of days > 60F for Oct-Apr this decade. #Oshkosh#wiwx (more)— Josh Herman (@OSNW3) May 4, 2014

I love me some East winds. #waves on my side of #lakewinnebago#wiwx— Josh Herman (@OSNW3) May 7, 2014

Mr @hostalover360, you have seen many of my FOH photos over the years. What happened to those bushes? Are they dead?— Josh Herman (@OSNW3) May 13, 2014

Those dead bushes bring life to the front yard.— Josh Herman (@OSNW3) May 26, 2014

15 days with pcpn in May at #OSNW3, but just 0.07" above #Oshkosh average.— Josh Herman (@OSNW3) June 1, 2014