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Schools Out For Summer!

Looking at the OSNW3 monthly summary graphs it is evident we've had our ups and downs this year. The pattern has kept cycling, continuing the trend, just as it should. Thus far in June we've had seven days above 80 degrees, but yet remain a little more than a degree below average. We are entering the wetter pattern of this years LRC and we should expect increased chances of precipitation for the next two weeks. The CPC agrees with this idea as well. Keep up to date with the latest forecast by visiting the OSNW3 Weather Brief linked below. For a May summary click here.

(OSNW3 Weather Brief)
(OSNW3 June Observations)

(OSNW3 June 2011 Summary)
(click on graph for the month summary data - it will open a new tab/window)

Cloud Appreciation
The Cloud Appreciation Society was introduced to me a few years back and it's not often I get to shoot clouds that are unique and worthy of sharing. However, as severe weather rolled just south of Oshkosh we were given a great sunset cl…