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Northwoods Cam Network

Well, it's official. OSNW3 is now apart of the Northwoods Cam Network. I am not 100% satisfied with the quality of images I am producing just yet, but I will get it resolved in the near future. Regardless, OSNW3 is out there for the world to see. Live! Thanks to John Dee for creating such a great product! I recommend checking his stuff out!

OSNW3 received 3.6" this past Friday/Saturday helping keep a solid snow pack and bringing the season total to 46.6". It's been a snowy Winter so far. I've overheard some folks saying that this Winter is reminding them of an "Old Fashioned Wisconsin Winter".

Seems Winter will be taking a back seat for a few days, though. Temperatures are expected to rise well into the 30's and might even break 40. Rain is forecasted with the system moving through Northeast WI tomorrow. Hopefully, as the system departs, we get a few inches of snow from the backside on Tuesday. Here's to hoping!

Olden Weather Maps

I just stumbled across one of the coolest things from the NWS of Marquette, MI website Top News Of The Day. "Winter Storm of 1938". The weather map they reference (below) forced me to search for a clearer version. I did so, and it led me to THIS!

I recommend installing the plug-in. Enjoy!

Powdery Puff

Last night the most powdery snow, that I can vividly remember, fell gracefully from the sky. It accumulated quickly to the tune of 7.1". Jan 21, 7pm : Jan 22, 7am : Local Radar

Winter can not get much better then this. Arctic temps and snow. We were fortunate enough to get a home NFC Championship game and spend a solid 5 hours outdoors in sub-zero temps. It really isn't as bad as everyone says. As long as you dress properly, of course!

With that said... there is a chance, the precipitation that falls early next week, could be as liquid. We all love roller coasters.

When A Forecast Goes Wrong

Hoping for a snowfall this weekend, the forecast did not satisfy by expecting only flurries. Turns out a solid dose of heavy snow would grace Northeast Wisconsin. As I blog OSNW3 has received 6.1" since Saturday morning.

Check out some photos of the snow! (RIPPING PACKERS VICTORY)
Also... weekend radar.

What In The Name Of Winter...

As forecasted, the warm and unstable air has intruded in on our Wisconsin Winter. This morning, for the first time in my lifetime, I witnessed a thunderstorm with pea sized hail during the month of January. Is this January?! Crazy weather is upon us.

Our 8" snowpack melted quickly during Jan 5-8.

Check out the radar loop!


Field Report (Johnsburg, WI) By Matt Schaeve (STS Consultants)

I didn't take a lot of pics of the actual waterways. I didn't bring my rubber boots, so I don't feel like getting all dirty today.

That black stuff with stakes is silt fence. It is one type of an erosion control device. The black tube like stuff is called silt socks. Another form of erosion control. We try to prevent/reduce sedimentation into wetlands and waterways.

These two are pictures on the opposite side of the same wetland. The cattails are actually a waterway, and the large ponded area is a wetland adjacent to that waterway. You can't see the water flowing, because it is actuall…