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Water Logged! Part Deux

This past week gave us six days in a row of beautiful temperatures along with a couple rounds of moderate rainfall and a thunderstorm. With only three days remaining in April we have observed 5.91" of precipitation here at OSNW3. I took a look around and was unable to find the record precipitation for April in Oshkosh, but I did find Green Bay's record and it stands at 5.69" back in 1888. I have a feeling we may be flirting with an all-time record! On a side note... we had a few snow flakes fall from the sky on Saturday, which after, I had to update the Winter History - Firsts & Lasts data sheet.

(OSNW3 Observations | Apr 21-27, 2008)


First Tornado Warning of 2008
It turned out to be an exciting evening on Friday. The possible severe weather outbreak that Weather Scout had been talking about all week came true. The storms built and moved rapidly northeast towards Oshkosh at 47mph (noted during storm by Northern Wisconsin Weather on his chat box). I was fortunate…

The Color Green

As another week of April winds down over here it is evident Spring is in full swing. The grass is green, the tulips, lilies, and hostas are popping, and my local track (golf course) is open! We had a short bout with rain this past week raising the OSNW3 monthly total to 4.38" of precipitation, which is 1.51" above the monthly average. The daytime max temp on Apr 16 topped out at 70.0F, something that went unfelt since Oct 21, 2007 when the max temp topped out at 70.9F. It felt fantastic even though it was very windy.

(OSNW3 Observations | Apr 14-20, 2008)


Additions to the Website
My attempt at an OSNW3 extremes database and at tracking the amount of days we saw the Sun here at OSNW3, have begun. (Monthly Extremes | Days with Sun) I am merely an amateur at presenting this data and welcome all suggestions, ideas and comments.


Minneapolis, MN
Our travels brought us to Minnesota this past weekend. The forecast, early in the week, called for sun with temps in the 60'…

Water Logged

OSNW3 received quite a bit of rain lately. Enough to surpass the monthly average in seven days (Apr 7-13). April 2008 is blowing April 2007 "out of the water" so to speak. Total precipitation this month to date is 4.02" compared to 2.49" for the entire month in 2007.

(OSNW3 Observations | Apr 7-13, 2008)

The standing water is receding slowly as dryer conditions move in. The photo below is, what I will call, the height of the deluge. Yesterday it was quite breezy and the video below represents that fairly well. The video takes place at the shore of Lake Winnebago on the property of, our pals, Jason and Courtney.

(OSNW3 - Apr 11, 2008)

(Lake Winnebago - Apr 12, 2008)


Northern MN & WI Snow
The two snowstorms to our north this past week disrupted the lives of many folks in Minnesota and Wisconsin including, our pals, Eric and Annette who live in Grand Rapids, MN. Eric described huge snowflakes falling sideways and blizzard conditions. Shortly after the time of…

Warming Winds

It's been quite a while since the Oshkosh area has felt this warm. Saturday's temperature maxed out at 64.4F. The last time we hit the 60° mark was back on Oct 30, 2007. Spring is in full force!

(OSNW3 Observations | Apr 1-6, 2008)


We ventured out to the lake today in hope of seeing some possible ice shoves. The winds were out of the southeast which made the conditions more favorable then yesterday. It was not to be. The winds were not strong enough. Sustained winds were averaging 15mph with gusts only topping out around 25mph. The cool air coming off the lake ice was very noticeable. The temp on the shore versus being in the park was about 10°F cooler. Away from shore, out on the lake, the ice looked pretty solid yet.

(Lake Winnebago looking North - Apr 6, 2008)

(Lake Winnebago looking South - Apr 6, 2008)


For my personal dedication to "cloud appreciation" this warm season, I plan to have my camera close by for any moment that comes along to snap photos of…

Geiger Memorial Lecture

I attended the UW-Oshkosh Department of Geography & Urban Planning annual Geiger Memorial Lecture today at Reeve Union: Extreme Wisconsin Weather by Phil Kurimski and Roy Eckberg from the NWS Green Bay. The presentation provided a brief overview of the factors that lead to such diverse and extreme weather, as well as the global patterns that can affect the weather in Wisconsin.

Extreme weather events that were presented...
June 7, 2007 tornado outbreak
April 27, 1984 Wales, WI tornado
May 30-31, 1998 Derecho
July 27, 2006 & August 18-23, 2007 floods
2007-08 Winter season

The official 2007-2008 snowfall total for Oshkosh was revealed as well... which was 20+ inches LESS then the total observed here at OSNW3 and CoCoRaHS WI-WN-2.

OKHW3 | OSHKOSH-WWTP, the OFFICIAL COOP data from Oshkosh for the NWS, observed 56.x", while OSNW3 observed 78.8" and CoCoRaHS WI-WN-2 observed 77.8". Last season the WWTP observed 32.3" while OSNW3 observed 47.2". That's a two…