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Oshkosh's Warmest March Ever & What To Expect Going Into Summer

Best March ever?! The month started out a snow lovers dream. A fresh 6+ inches of the white stuff on Mar 2-3. Finally some snow to play in! We did all we could to maximize the potential. However, as the cycling weather patterns would prove, the winter like conditions were short lived and the long term trend morphed into the expected spring like pattern. With a flip of a switch spring had sprung. The defining moment of the atypical March was when the overnight lows remained above fifty degrees for five consecutive nights, Mar 18-22. Overnight lows rarely drop below fifty degrees in the month of July. Absolutely amazing! Needless to say almost everything is in bloom and the grass seed I planted two weeks ago is nearly two inches in height.

(Oshkosh's Warmest March Ever - 2012)
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I finally got that off my chest. I felt a delayed reaction would be best suited. The media was a bit over the top at times. Realistically the weather was magical and I can only…