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May Summary

The "hills" pushed daytime high temperatures above average. Five of those days recorded temperatures over 80 degrees. The "dips" delivered overnight low temperatures in the 30s. Ice pellets were spotted falling from the sky late morning on May 11 and a freeze occurred overnight on May 13. The average last freeze in Oshkosh is April 26.

Precipitation occurred on 14 days, totaling 4.73 inches of rain. Of these days, three were accompanied with thunderstorms, both during the second half of the month. The highest 24 hour rain total occurred on May 22-23 when 1.75 inches was recorded. The ice pellets go down as a Trace of snowfall, which is the Oshkosh average snowfall for May.

OSNW3 May 2013 Daily Observations

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I grabbed "official" numbers, @jpwiwx. KOSH daily from @wunderground - -…— Josh Herman (@OSNW3) May 18, 2013
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