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A Pleasant July Thus Far

The first half of July has kept us dry (state drought monitor) and temperatures have been amazing. From what I can recall about July, regardless of the climate averages, it's always been hot and dry. The dryness of this July, in my opinion, is expected... but the temperatures, well they are a surprise, and a welcomed one at that. With these fabulous temps comes great uncertainty that they will last and my guts are telling me to expect a hot August and early September. (OSNW3 July Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2008 / 2009 | July 1 - 19)
Max Avg: 79.6 / 75.0 / -4.6
Min Avg: 62.2 / 59.4 / -2.7

(July 2009 Precipitation | July 1 - 19)
2009 Monthly Total
Precip.. 0.37"
Oshkosh Average
Precip.. 3.58"
Precip.. -3.21"


Heat Wave July 13-14, 1936
Earlier this past week my buddy Rebecca Schuld (WFRV-TV Meteorologist) and I were discussing the heat wave that hit WI during early July back in 1936 (blog entry). Temperatures topped the 100° mark several days with short stin…

It's July Already?!

One thing is for certain, Summer time flies by in Wisconsin. During the Winter months things seem to meld into a "hibernation" mode with people spending more time at home and doing things slowly. That all changes completely when Summer arrives. GO GO GO is the way of the land. Weekends are rarely spent at home... with a festival here and a festival there, a party here a party there, birthdays, reunions, holidays, etc... I believe we are nearing the peak of craziness. Weather trends towards the "not so exciting" spectrum this time of year, with plenty of sunshine, warm temperatures, and the occasional downpour lasting only minutes.


June Summary
June was a month of ups and downs. Extreme cool and extreme heat. On June 7 OSNW3 recorded a min temp of 46.2 which broke the previous min of 50.5 set on June 6, 2007. On June 24 OSNW3 recorded a max temp of 93.5 which broke the previous max of 86.9 set on June 27, 2007 (Monthly Extremes). Precipitation made it sli…