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Winter Storm Recap Feb 20-21

OSNW3 Winter Storm Recap
A winter storm affected the region yesterday and is still causing some trouble today. For snow totals click the links below.

National Weather Service - Green Bay
National Weather Service - Milwaukee

Other fun links...

Radarloop of the storm
Timelapse of the storm at OSNW3


Conditions at OSNW3
What was awesome about this storm? It was a pleasant surprise to me! The previous time through the cycle, Dec 31 - Jan 1, much of the precipitation dissipated as it moved through WI and it was mainly rain. Same storm, majorly different outcomes! Click the link above and then click the linked precipitation amounts for the dates mentioned above to see what the storm looked like on radar last cycle.

If anyone is reading this, please visit the St. Cloud State University Post Storm Survey site and take the survey. It takes about two minutes. I believe to get the link to work you will need to copy and paste it into your browser!

Measurements (4)

Feb 21, 2011 @ 06:38
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February Thaw On The Horizon

I was quickly taking a snowfall measurement the night of Feb 7 and recall snow creeping into the top of my boots onto my bare feet inside. That got me thinking about the depth of our current snow pack and how it is relatively deep at the moment. Our snow pack has been on the rise since the new year thaw and hovering around a double digit depth since the beginning of February. Maintaining a below freezing maximum temperature all but one day since Jan 1 has helped our snow pack stick around and deepen. The 2010-11 Winter Duration Graph shows this fairly well. We are now in our 55th day of winter according to the definition of a winter season at OSNW3. This tide is changing in the coming week however, as temperatures are forecast to rise above freezing on multiple days. Remember New Years Eve? That portion of the pattern is cycling back around. Keep up on the latest forecast by visiting the Oshkosh Weather Brief link below. The January climate summary can be found here.

(OSNW3 Weath…