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April Summary

April 2013 finished with a mean temperature of 40.6 degrees officially, the 13th coldest in Oshkosh history. OSNW3 finished the month at 39.7 degrees which places within the top 10. The coldest April in Oshkosh history occurred in 1907 when the mean temperature was 37.1 degrees.

Precipitation was abundant. 4.20 inches fell at the Waste Water Treatment plant putting the official total in the top 20 all-time. OSNW3 recorded 15 days with precipitation; 1 of those days totaled 2.11 inches while the remaining 14 totaled 2.08 inches. Since 2007 OSNW3 has averaged 4.24 inches of precipitation in the month of April, 147% of the Oshkosh 30 year average.

These extraordinary feats cannot go into the history books without a mention of snowfall. While the amount measured at OSNW3 is outside the top 20 (tied for 25th) the amount of days with measurable snowfall tops the list. We measured snow on 6 days, unofficially overtaking the 5 days that were recorded in 1980.

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