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The Truth of a Heat Wave

It is insane when a temperature of 90 degrees and a dew point of 70 degress brings on a feeling of relief. In Wisconsin this feeling only takes place during an extended heat wave in the middle of summer. That is exactly where we are at. We've been doing our best to keep hydrated and keep the sunscreen applied while outdoors. As for being inside the house we feel very fortunate to have central air to keep things comfortable. Looking ahead there might be a 24 hour period early next week that provides some relief from the heat, but the heat will return and stay with us for another extended period of time. Anyone following the LRC theory (Lezak's Recurring Cycle) knew the recent warmth was coming with great potential to provide extreme summer weather. This part of the pattern has been documented thoroughly via LRC Weather, WeatherWatch12, and even here at OSNW3. This coming week is the pattern feature that brought us our first heatwave of the summer back in early June. The …

Summer is in Full Swing

Our recent pattern has included this years 'signature' storm, the infamous 'Great Lakes Cyclone', and it's passing. With the jet stream weakening and lifting north the potency of this feature in our area has faded. For warm weather enthusiasts it is a good thing as the cool air that followed each instance this winter and early spring will not reoccur. Instead temperatures should hold around average for this time of year. As the patterns continue to cycle however, I have a sneaky feeling that the setup for what was our first heat wave in early June will show up again near the end of July giving us a chance at a string of extremely hot days. We'll see. For a detailed look back at June click here.

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Precipitation Totals Through June
As we move beyond the half way point of 2011 here at OSNW3 we have recorded 19.57 …