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July Summary

To the summer time standard in Wisconsin, July began cool. Summer quickly got back on track however. The month steadied as warmer temperatures moved in. A mini heat wave soon followed and Oshkosh recorded five consecutive days with high temperatures at or above 90 degrees. Overnight temperatures were warm as well. On the 19th the low temperature only fell to 77 degrees, placing it as the tenth all-time warmest low temperature in Oshkosh history for the month of July.

The heat broke on the 20th and ushered in pleasant outdoor conditions. After seven days of daily highs in the 70s, temperatures took free fall. An unseasonably cool air mass muscled in. Combined with clouds and wind, day time temperatures struggled to maintain readings in the 60s. High temperatures on the 27th and 28th of the month were the coldest ever recorded for those dates.

Precipitation ended below average for the month. The official rain gauge for the city tallied 2.55 inches, which is over an inch below average. …