October Climate Summary, Annual Precipitation and the LRC

October of 2010 was a tranquil month with one exception, the Great Lakes Cyclone. OSNW3 ended the month 1.8 degrees above the Oshkosh mean temperature and 0.40 inches above the Oshkosh precipitation average. We recorded no snowfall. A record was broken at my location on Oct 26, when 1.14" of rainfall was recorded for the 24hr period. As for November, the near future is forecasting average temperatures with small chances of precipitation while a more mild and wet period may be awaiting us in two weeks.

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(OSNW3 October 2010 Summary)

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Annual Precipitation
Through October 31st, OSNW3 has recorded 35.96 inches of precipitation. Creeping ever closer to our soaking in 2008 which produced 40.86 inches of precipitation.

(OSNW3 Precipitation Summary - Annual Total)

(OSNW3 Precipitation Summary - Monthly Total)


More Winter Snowfall Outlook Jabber
I have gained added interest in this winters forecast since my recent discovery of the LRC theory. Another spark to the flame was an interesting fact in Karl Bohnak's blog about the El Nino/La Nina transition during the early 70's. I immediately needed to know what Oshkosh's winter snowfall totals were back then for another potential outlook. Details of my findings are below.

From Karl's blog entry Some Thoughts on the Coming Winter. "One private forecaster has pointed out that the transition from a strong El Nino to a rather strong La Nina is much like the transition that occurred between the winters of 1972-73 and 1973-74."

Oshkosh had sizable snowfall during these meteorological winters (Dec, Jan, Feb). 1972-73 received 39.0 inches and 1973-74 received 36.8 inches. Average snowfall for an Oshkosh met winter is 30.5 inches. The La Nina statistics I am aware of are leaning towards Oshkosh having a decent chance for above average snowfall this winter. One winter outlook that has yet to be released is the LRC winter outlook. I am patiently awaiting that information. It will make this winter very exciting as it unfolds. More on the LRC (Lezak's Recurring Cycle) can be obtained by clicking the link. I suggest checking out the blog when at the website.


Front Of House
Started trimming the Birch tree in the front yard and the Pussywillow tree in the side yard. I have a sizable branch pile started in the back yard.

(FOH - Nov 1, 2010)