The Great Lakes Cyclone

**Update** Follow this link to view a satelitte loop of the storm.

Epic, Apocalyptic, and Historical are a few adjectives I've read describing the low pressure system that has engulfed the region. Much hype preceded reality and it is living up to that hype. We here at OSNW3 have recorded over an inch of rainfall with the loudest of winds creaking our 90 year old home. From friends via the Internet I am able to report a few damaging effects such as pieces of roofing scratching cars, garbage cans gone missing, fences and outdoor restrooms falling over. I personally witnessed some beach erosion and roof damage. Which leads me to some videos and photos I'd like to share of the ongoing event.

The morning of October 26th I took a detour on my way to Neenah to see the clouds and waves. The winds were from the south early which provided some worthy results. First stop was at Menominee Park in Oshkosh, second at Grundman Park Boat Landing in Vinland, and third at Rainbow Beach in Neenah.

(Menominee Park - Oct 26, 2010)

(Grundman Park Boat Landing - Oct 26, 2010)

(Rainbow Beach - Oct 26, 2010)

Wave action on the west side died down throughout the day mainly due to the directional shift of the winds that was taking place as the low pressure moved. I was limited to the west side of the lake which meant less fetch. October 27th proved to have better opportunities to be in the correct spots where the fetch would be larger with the wind direction. This time the detour took me to Calumet County Park near Stockbridge, WI.

(Calumet County Park - Oct 27, 2010)

Winds on Oct 27 were more southwest and as I have become accustomed, the waves on the east shore are always larger than those on the west shore. Perhaps it has to do with the wind direction and fetch, but depth of the lake in those areas could also play a roll. If I am able to capture more of the Great Lakes Cyclone affecting the Lake Winnebago area I will be updating the photo set and video set on the Internet. Photos are here, videos are here. Links to other regional bloggers who have more detailed information on the storm and it's impacts are below.

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Archived radar loop of the Great Lakes Cyclone.
Updated at 8:30am Oct 28th.

(US Radarloop - Oct 25-28, 2010)