Still Lacking True Winter Conditions

In the last blog entry I discussed the fact that winter may finally be making an appearance in 2011-12. All we needed was one more day of 'winter season duration' criteria to have fully transitioned, but alas that did not happen. The maximum temperature recorded on Jan-23 for the previous 24 hours was above freezing and in a 'non winter fashion' precipitation fell in the form of liquid. The good news is we should expect two notable storm systems to make their way towards the region during the first half of February. The question is, will the precipitation make into WI and will it be rain or snow? For more information on the storm systems please see the OSNW3|LRC blog entry "Weather Event Forecasting - First Half Of February".

(OSNW3 Weather Brief)
(OSNW3 January Observations)

(OSNW3 January 2012 Summary)
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Weekly Snowfall
Since Jan-22 we've recorded 4 days of measurable snowfall totaling 1.6 inches bringing our monthly total to 9.0 inches and our season total to 12.5 inches. OSNW3 Monthly snowfall.

(Jan-24, 2012 - 0.1")

(Jan-26, 2012 - 0.2")

(Jan-28, 2012 - 1.1")

(Jan-29, 2012 - 0.2")


Front Of House
It's pretty interesting how this witner is shaping up. Not surprising we are currently very near the bottom of the all-time snowfall list. See the all-time Oshkosh monthly snowfall list through 2005-06 here and the OSNW3 monthly snowfall list from 2006-07 until now here.

(FOH - Jan 29, 2012)