Snowiest Stretch Of The Winter. Wait, Is It Winter Yet?

Winter is showing signs of actually presenting itself in 2011-2012. According to the OSNW3 Winter Season Duration formula, if the maximum temperature for Jan-22 stays below 32 degrees OSNW3 will have finally made the transition into winter. Regardless of the outcome this is the latest beginning to winter since the 2006-07 season. A short lived Arctic air outbreak occurred Jan 19-21 giving the region a taste of winter. Here at OSNW3 our lowest recorded temperature for the three day span, -5.6 degrees, took place during the early morning hours of Jan-20. Looking ahead, using the OSNW3 forecast temperature trend based on the Lezak's Recurring Cycle theory, days will become seasonal with a good amount of them reaching the freezing mark or greater through the first half of February. The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) agrees as well for the next 14 days. I added snowfall forecast maps to the OSNW3 Weather Brief. Check them out.

(OSNW3 Weather Brief)
(OSNW3 January Observations)

(OSNW3 January 2012 Summary)
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Weekly Snowfall
Since the Jan-12 snow event we've had a Trace or more of snowfall 6 of the 9 days and of those 6 days 4 of them recorded measurable snowfall. This marks the snowiest stretch of days we've had this winter. For the month of January we are shy of the long-term average by 2.5 inches.

(Jan-17, 2012 - 0.1")

(Jan-18, 2012 - 1.0")

(Jan-19, 2012 - 0.3")

(Jan-21, 2012 - 1.0")


Front Of House
Our snowdepth is around 4". The wovel is not getting much work. However, we are doing our best to enjoy what winter weather we have had.

(FOH - Jan 22, 2012)