Serotonin Overload?

Perhaps. I've got a few cognitive symptoms: agitation (seasonal allergies), hypomania (feels like I am on the 'summer' schedule yet), mental confusion (it's autumn, right?), hallucinations (thought that was a cloud, nope, just contrails). But seriously, we haven't had a cloudy day in quite some time. As a matter of fact the first 216 hours or so of October sky observation have been mainly clear. No quantitative numbers for this statement, just my gut feel. Some numbers that are real however are the ones that describe our lack of precipitation. Only three hundredths of an inch have fallen in October and we are on pace once again to crack the top five longest dry spells at OSNW3. With the new LRC forming we are forced to follow the computer models for a long range query. The CPC predicts a continuation of above average temperature and below average precipitation. Similar to last year at this time. In the short term however, expect a cool down with chances of rain. For more information on the forecast click the OSNW3 Weather Brief link below.

(OSNW3 Weather Brief)
(OSNW3 October Observations)

(OSNW3 October 2011 Summary)
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Front Of House
Autumn of 2011 will officially be in the tops on my list of most colorful. Everywhere in WI that I have been in the past two weeks I have witnessed breath taking color. Exceptional. Not as exceptional are the photos below. The FOH is slow to change compared to the TAS which will be leaf less in just a few days.

(FOH - Oct 7, 2011 | Previous Year Compare 2009, 2010)

(TAS - Oct 7, 2011 | Previous Year Compare 2009, 2010)