The End Of A Dry Spell & New 30 Year Averages

The morning of Sep-19, after 13 consecutive days, we finally recorded measurable precipitation. Most will think that 13 days without measurable precipitation is just the tip of the iceberg, but here in the western portion of the Great Lakes basin we seldom deal with such longevity. Since the genesis of OSNW3, back on Nov 1, 2006, we've recorded just 8 streaks of 13 or more days without measurable precipitation, just 7% of the time. For more information see graph and list below. (day of the streak end is listed)

4 streaks of 13 days
Sep-18, 2011
Apr-2, 2010
Nov-18, 2009
Sep-29, 2008

2 streaks of 17 days
Oct-20, 2010
Apr-18, 2009

1 streak of 19 days
Feb-23, 2007

1 streak of 21 days
Sep-20, 2009

These types of streaks do not always lead to drought situations, but with the recent lack of precipitation in the past two months some of Wisconsin is now in a slight drought situation. The recent rain may have helped as most around the state recorded up to a half an inch or more. Below is a map of the 90 day precipitation deficits from the NWS LaCrosse, click image for more information.


The New 30 Year Average - 1981-2010
Comparing the average temperatures between 1971-2000 and 1981-2010,  all but the maximum temps in May, Jun, and Jul have increased. The rest just over a half of degree. The annual mean average temperature is now 0.6 degrees warmer. Precipitation wise, numbers dropped a tenth of an inch but added almost 4 days to the total of days with measurable precipitation. The snowfall department changed dramatically, however. Losing almost 8 inches from the seasonal snowfall amount and taking away a little over 4 days of measurable snowfall. No longer having the 1970s in the mix makes a claim of a much lesser average seasonal snowfall. 1970-79 was a snowy decade, especially 77-79.

(Oshkosh Seasonal Snowfall - Averages 71-00/81-10 Comparison)

(Oshkosh Seasonal Snowfall - 1970-2011)

The new 30 year averages from the NWS GRB can be found in the NOWData section of their site.


Front Of House
Not much happening except for the seasonal change to Autumn, and a new LRC cycle to happen upon us. My most favorite time of the year.

(FOH - Sep 19, 2011)

(TAS - Sep 19, 2011)