How Was Your Summer?

OSNW3 Meteorological Summer Statistics

In 2010 OSNW3 ranked second all-time for the wettest meteorological summer in Oshkosh history with 20.41 inches falling during the months of June, July, and August. In 2011 OSNW3 measured 10.36 inches coming in 44th all-time. 0.23 inches below the all-time average of 10.59 inches for the 103 years of data without a missing precipitation observation during the meteorological summer months. This particular data may come across like we had a 'dry' summer, but on 36 days we here at OSNW3 recorded measurable precipitation. Just short of the top ten, coming in at 11th for the most days with measurable precipitation all-time. Providing a some what active three months. More meteorological summer precipitation numbers can be found by clicking the image below. Annual precipitation numbers can be found here.

(Oshkosh Meteorological Summer - Precipitation)

Here at OSNW3, 2011 finished 0.9 degrees cooler than 2010, ranking 28th warmest all-time. That 0.9 degrees separates the two summers by 15 places in history. Our mean temp in 2011 was 70.7 degrees with a MaxT Mean of 79.7 degrees and a MinT Mean of 61.7 degrees. One occurrence that may have made this summer feel warmer than last summer was the fact that the temp topped 90 degrees three times, while in 2010 the temp stayed below 90 degrees. Any day with 90 degrees or above temps around here is certainly a scorcher as it is usually accompanied with very high dew points making the air very uncomfortable for us Wisconsinites. July was the most extreme of the three months handing us an 84.2 degree MaxT Mean for the month and a 66.0 degree MinT Mean for the month. The month of July fit the definition of a 'dog day' here at OSNW3. However, regardless of the July heat, the numbers do not lie. 2011 ended cooler than 2010 no matter how hot it actually felt. More meteorological summer temperature numbers can be found by clicking the image below.

(Oshkosh Meteorological Summer - Temperature)

Dog Days of Summer
How many 'dog days' does 2011 have left in it? One more, perhaps? I would bet against it happening again if my following of Lezak's Recurring Cycle theory is on track. We may break 80 degrees one more time near the end of September, but I do not think high dew points will keep overnight lows above 65 degrees again in 2011.

(OSNW3 - 2011 Dog Days of Summer)

(OSNW3 - Dog Days of Summer)

For more data on June, July, and August of 2011 follow the links below. If there any weather or climate related questions or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments section of the blog. Thanks for reading!

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Remember the first week of September in 2010?
It was a great week for wind, waves, and cool temps around Winnebagoland. For a closer look see the OSNW3 post "Early Autumn Heavyweights" posted back on Sep 10, 2010. A couple of 'global' features that stand out in the satellite loops in the post are the hurricanes that are taking place in similar positions Earl and Hermine as they have recently like Irene and Lee. For a reminder of what 2010 was like here at OSNW3, click here for the annual summary.