Early Autumn Heavyweights

Ahh, the cool and crisp air of autumn. The end of this week has been the most pleasant string of days I can remember. However, we all know the saying "In Like a Lion...". I would venture and say that the 2010 meteorological autumn came in just like that. Last weekend and the early part of this week our region dealt with two potent low pressure systems that dropped the temperatures and pumped up the winds. I recall acknowledging the high dew points of the summer and foreseeing an extra chill on my skin once they left. The cooler air of September came rolling in but I acclimated quickly. I welcome back autumn with open arms. Forecasts call for a cooler than average period through next weekend.

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(OSNW3 September 2010 Summary)

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Thrills Of Autumn
Temperature and wind, they have been relatively pleasant the past couple months. The two low pressures that rolled through brought the yin to their yang in an abrupt fashion. Temperatures reached 80° before the first low but as the system moved out temperatures didn't rise above 65° for the next two days. Overnight lows dipped into the 40's for the first time since May 20, 108 days prior. The second low brought stronger winds which clocked in at 20mph sustained with gusts up to 40mph. These winds favored the southwest to west flow which proved to be a wave maker on the north shore of Lake Winnebago. At the time of the photo below, winds were sustained at 23mph with gusts of 36mph, temperature around 60°. See satellite images below for the very pronounced atmospheric motion. Click the image for the loop.

(High Cliff State Park - Sep, 7, 2010 - 12:30pm)

(US Satellite Loop - Sep 2-4, 2010)

(US Satellite Loop - Sep 6-8, 2010)


OSNW3 Website Update
A recent server move has prompted some necessary maintenance and the continuation of the massive OSNW3 Oshkosh-North climatological data dump onto the Internet. The maintenance was to remove all video from the server to free up space and dish it out via YouTube. With all the videos on YouTube now, my next arduous task is to re-link every video in the blog. Sigh. However, on a more upbeat note, each month from 2007 now has a monthly summary graph. 2008 and 2009 are next. For a better understanding of graphical data, please see the text below.

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What it all means...
Pcpn = OSNW3 Daily Precipitation Total
Snow = OSNW3 Daily Snowfall Total
Max Temp = OSNW3 Daily Maximum Temperature
Min Temp = OSNW3 Daily Minimum Temperature
PYMaxT = OSNW3 Previous Year Daily Maximum Temperature
PYMinT = OSNW3 Previous Year Daily Minimum Temperature
AvgMaxT = Oshkosh Daily Average Maximum Temperature
AvgMinT = Oshkosh Daily Average Minimum Temperature
RecMaxT = Oshkosh Daily Record Maximum Temperature
RecMinT = Oshkosh Daily Record Minimum Temperature


Front Of House
Cut number 10 has taken place. A few leaves on the burning bush are starting to turn to red. I hope the bush blows up this season, as I will be trimming it later this fall. The past week and a half I've been doing my normal work and play travels around the area. Since I am out and about often, I figured I'd share what I see in regards to the changing of the leaves. I've been on the road to and from Oshkosh, Green Bay, New London, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan and the Northshore of Lake Winnebago. The only areas that are not a fading green are the Northshore of Lake Winnebago which has some bright yellow and red spots and just west of Sheboygan where some faint yellows are present. Click the image for the Google map. Click here for the official WI Fall Color Report. Also, a Wisconsin State Climatology Bulletin - Record Summer Rains for Wisconsin, and More can be found here via the NWS MKE.

(FOH - Sep 10, 2010)

(TAS - Sep 10, 2010)