The Great Lakes Cyclone IV

Our neighbors across the street, the owners of the TAS, were raking their front lawn this past Sunday. I stepped out of my front door and mentioned to them that it is to early for raking as I still had snow in my front yard. I also mentioned that a storm was coming and there will soon be snow covering the ground again. Either way, they are ahead of the spring clean up game and it inspired me later that afternoon to finish trimming a tree and picking up random small pieces of trash that some how float into my yard. It was a well deserved clean up after 95 days of winter. Winter officially ended at OSNW3 on Mar 22. It doesn't look like it at the moment with the fresh coating of snow or feel like it with temps dipping into the low teens at night barely making it above freezing for highs the next day. Adding the fact that we are locked into this pattern for another week or more will make it feel like winter even more. However, a warm up is coming. Plan for the second week of April to become very spring like. That week fits into Lezak's Recurring Cycle with the early November, the NYE and the mid February warm up. The OSNW3 backyard precipitation outlook using the LRC through early May can be found here.

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(OSNW3 March 2011 Summary)

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The Great Lakes Cyclone IV
This storm was certainly of 'signature' nature here in Oshkosh. A snowfall consisting of large and heavy flakes started falling around noon on Mar 22 accumulating 0.9 inches. The snow then changed over to sleet the rest of the night as 2.2 inches of sleet fell. The falling sleet was coupled with thunderstorms that lasted for hours. Strong east winds pounded our windows with the sleet and creaked the house with each gust. Another 1.5 inches of snow fell on Mar 23 bringing the total at OSNW3 for the storm to 4.6 inches, but most impressive in regards to precipitation was the amount of water equivalent the snow/sleet melted down to at observation time on Mar 23, 1.63 inches! It down poured sleet in the many thunderstorms that rolled through.

(Rain gauge at observation time on Mar 23)

(Snow totals from the NWS GRB, click image for the full summary)

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My mother's station WIBN6 in Suamico, WI recorded 14.4 inches for a storm total. Her snow depth is at 22 inches as of Mar 24. I believe the yellow snow blower that is used to blow the trail to the feeder broke an axle and my step father plans to leave it out there until the snow melts. HA.

(Suamico, WI - WIBN6 - Mar 24, 2011)


Front Of House
We've got the spring fever, but we are yet buried in Old man winter.

(FOH - Mar 24, 2011)