February Snowfall

As much of February was, the temperatures this past week were the same, above average. A quality late season snow storm rolled through late in the week bringing some weather excitement to the area. Thundersnow was reported in many areas in Northeast WI. A phenomenon not experienced often around here. I personally did not get to see or hear it, but a few of my friends and family did. What I did experience though, was pouring sleet for over an hour. It clogged my roof drainage and our roof leaked for the first time. Click here for the storm recap. (OSNW3 February Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2009 / 2009 | Feb 1 - 28)
Max temp: 25.0 / 32.1 / +7.1
Min temp: 9.8 / 14.9 / +5.1

(February 2009 Precipitation)
2009 Monthly Total
Precip.. 2.04"
Snow.... 11.0"
Oshkosh Average
Precip.. 1.09"
Snow.... 7.2"
Precip.. +0.95"
Snow.... +3.8"


February Snowfall
The monthly snowfall total here at OSNW3, for the month of February, was above the Oshkosh average. However, it was the least amount of snow recorded at OSNW3, for the month of February, since we began taking observations. (OSNW3 Winter History - Snowfall)

(OSNW3 Snowfall Comparison - February)

(OSNW3 Snowfall Comparison Through February)


Broken Record
February of 2009 broke an OSNW3 monthly maximum temperature record. 48.7°F was the high on Feb 11. Also, this February's mean max temp was above freezing. Incredible. (Monthly Extremes)

(Mean Temperatures - February)


Days with Sun
2009 has started out to be one sun filled year. The sun has shined down on us 51 of the first 59 days. Surprisingly, as in their respected months, January had the most days with measurable snow since recording began and February had the second most. Snowfalls were short lived coming from fast moving systems for the most part. (Days with Sun / Days with Measurable Snow)


Winter Duration Update
During the month of February 2009 Winter almost lost it's grip. It would have been the first time Spring made an appearance during Winter, since the duration concept's conception. For three days in a row, Feb 11-13, the temperature was above freezing and there was less than an inch of snow on the ground. It was looking bleak, but Winter made a return. Thankfully. It's sad to think that Winter has only but one month left to live this season.

(Winter Season Duration 2008-2009 through February)


Front Of House
You can walk on top of the snow in my front yard. That last storm froze the top layers.

(FOH - Mar 1, 2009)