Snowstorm Feb 26

A fast moving winter storm affected northeast Wisconsin during the day and evening of Feb 26, 2009. Here at OSNW3, conditions wavered between heavy snow and heavy sleet for most of the duration. The last two hours or so it turn to all snow. Highlights of the storm were the rate at which the snow/sleet fell (video below), the size of the sleet balls (video below), and the fact that my roof leaked for the very first time since we've lived here. Thick snow/sleet jams in the gutters were most likely to blame, but I haven't had time to investigate yet.

In my humble opinion, I believe the National Weather Service in Green Bay nailed this forecast. From their interpretations of what was to be expected, what went down still surprised me in many ways.

0.88" - Total Storm Liquid
3.3" - Total Storm Snow/Sleet

Entire storm radar loop.
Entire storm daily video. (7MB)
National Weather Service GRB recap.

Measurements (5)

Feb 26, 2009 @ 7:25pm
The initial push of snow has come to a halt here in Oshkosh. Current conditions are down right windy with a temperature of 25.2°. Not much blowing snow around OSNW3 as the new snow is heavy and compact. I am debating the idea of woveling tonight yet...

0.6" - New Snow
3.3" - Total Storm Snow/Sleet (0.83" liquid)
Current Snow Depth - 5"


Feb 26, 2009 @ 5:43pm (video)
Heavy snow with calm winds. Since the last observation we've been battling with some heavy sleet. Since about 5:15 it has changed over to all snow and is very heavy. Heaviest I've experienced this season.

1.8" - New Snow/Sleet
2.7" - Total Storm Snow/Sleet
Current Snow Depth - 5"

Conditions video @ 5:00pm, SLEET. (4MB)

*My mother reported lightning and thunder around 5:40pm in Suamico, WI (near GB).


Feb 26, 2009 @ 2:50pm
Heavy snowfall with gusting winds. Snowflakes the size of half dollars! (20 minutes later it started to sleet, I took another measurement shortly after I noticed and got another 0.3", at 4pm another measurement was taken and 0.1" of new sleet had accumulated)

0.9" - New Snow/Sleet
0.9" - Total Storm Snow/Sleet
Current Snow Depth - 3"

Conditions video @ 2:50pm observation (4MB)
Conditions video @ 4:00pm observation (2MB)


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