Warming Winds

It's been quite a while since the Oshkosh area has felt this warm. Saturday's temperature maxed out at 64.4F. The last time we hit the 60° mark was back on Oct 30, 2007. Spring is in full force!

(OSNW3 Observations | Apr 1-6, 2008)


We ventured out to the lake today in hope of seeing some possible ice shoves. The winds were out of the southeast which made the conditions more favorable then yesterday. It was not to be. The winds were not strong enough. Sustained winds were averaging 15mph with gusts only topping out around 25mph. The cool air coming off the lake ice was very noticeable. The temp on the shore versus being in the park was about 10°F cooler. Away from shore, out on the lake, the ice looked pretty solid yet.

(Lake Winnebago looking North - Apr 6, 2008)

(Lake Winnebago looking South - Apr 6, 2008)


For my personal dedication to "cloud appreciation" this warm season, I plan to have my camera close by for any moment that comes along to snap photos of the clouds above. Along with this "cloud appreciation", I will be gaining knowledge about the clouds. I will attempt naming the main cloud in the photos I post. If I happen mis-interpret the cloud, feel free to correct me. I am doing this to learn along with appreciate. (Cloud Appreciation Society)

This week was minimal for cloud action. Mainly high clouds, but I did get one shot in.

(Plymouth, WI looking Northeast - Apr 4, 2007)

(Mid-level - Altocumulus)

NW Wisconsin Weather snapped a sweet t-storm cloud photo this past week! Click here for the blog entry that included the photo.