The Color Green

As another week of April winds down over here it is evident Spring is in full swing. The grass is green, the tulips, lilies, and hostas are popping, and my local track (golf course) is open! We had a short bout with rain this past week raising the OSNW3 monthly total to 4.38" of precipitation, which is 1.51" above the monthly average. The daytime max temp on Apr 16 topped out at 70.0F, something that went unfelt since Oct 21, 2007 when the max temp topped out at 70.9F. It felt fantastic even though it was very windy.

(OSNW3 Observations | Apr 14-20, 2008)


Additions to the Website
My attempt at an OSNW3 extremes database and at tracking the amount of days we saw the Sun here at OSNW3, have begun. (Monthly Extremes | Days with Sun) I am merely an amateur at presenting this data and welcome all suggestions, ideas and comments.


Minneapolis, MN
Our travels brought us to Minnesota this past weekend. The forecast, early in the week, called for sun with temps in the 60's on Saturday. It was not to be. Saturday began gloomy and remained gloomy until nightfall. Cloudy with a mist and a max temp of around 50F. Sunday, however, was completely opposite once the clouds left town. It was quite warm as we rolled through Central Wisconsin. We noticed a 76F reading on one of the billboards. Snapped a photo of the only substantial snow we came across. (see below)

(Rib Mountain, Wausau, WI - Apr 20, 2008)


Cloud Appreciation
I had what I would call a "good" week of photographing clouds which, in the process, produced three photos to choose from for this entry. I picked one from last Sunday. It was a cool day with "fair weather" clouds. Time of photo was around 5pm. (If I happen to mis-interpret the cloud, feel free to correct me. I am doing this to learn along with appreciate!)

(Grand Chute, WI looking West - Apr 13, 2008)

(Low Level - Stratocumulus)


The Death of Frosty continues. Watch it all go down at Northern Wisconsin Weather! Also, a big thanks goes out to MarkMartin for holding down the observations this weekend in our absence!