Water Logged! Part Deux

This past week gave us six days in a row of beautiful temperatures along with a couple rounds of moderate rainfall and a thunderstorm. With only three days remaining in April we have observed 5.91" of precipitation here at OSNW3. I took a look around and was unable to find the record precipitation for April in Oshkosh, but I did find Green Bay's record and it stands at 5.69" back in 1888. I have a feeling we may be flirting with an all-time record! On a side note... we had a few snow flakes fall from the sky on Saturday, which after, I had to update the Winter History - Firsts & Lasts data sheet.

(OSNW3 Observations | Apr 21-27, 2008)


First Tornado Warning of 2008
It turned out to be an exciting evening on Friday. The possible severe weather outbreak that Weather Scout had been talking about all week came true. The storms built and moved rapidly northeast towards Oshkosh at 47mph (noted during storm by Northern Wisconsin Weather on his chat box). I was fortunate enough to have the time to snap some photos and take some video. The photos are not that spectacular but I did get a good gust and a lightning bolt on video (0:57). The sirens went off for about five minutes but nothing severe ever transpired in our backyard. Below is a rocking animation of the clouds, looking west, after the storm.

(Oshkosh, WI looking West - Apr 25, 2008)


More Snow In Northern Minnesota?!
You betcha! As the most recent storm moved on through the Upper Midwest it brought colder temperatures and more snow to our pals, Eric and Annette, in Grand Rapids, MN. Being the good sport Eric is he offered to take before and after photos of the 11-15" that were expected. I saw one report from the NWS in Duluth that stated Grand Rapids had 3.5" at 8:15pm on Saturday night. Much less then what was forecast, which I am sure was OK with all the folks in that area. (Storm US Radar)

(Grand Rapids, MN Before - Apr 26, 2008)

(Grand Rapids, MN During - Apr 26, 2008)

(Grand Rapids, MN After - Apr 26, 2008)


What? Me, a TV Meteorologist?
No. Not at all. But Peg Zenko, of Tangent Photos and our Treasurer for the PCAMS, snapped the photo below of me driving the TrueView radar during our tour of WFRV-TV studio two weeks ago. Like I said before... that was fun!