Met Winter (DJF) Stats

Oshkosh residents have endured a fair share of snow this winter. Nearly doubling the long term average snowfall for meteorological winter (Dec, Jan, Feb). Officially, the Waste Water Treatment Plant has recorded 48.7 inches of snow. Stations on the north and south sides of the city have recorded 39.3 and 61.0 inches respectively. At OSNW3, a mile east of the WWTP, we recorded 57.1 inches. These are very respectable amounts. Any amount over 48 inches is in the Oshkosh top ten of all-time for a meteorological winter season. A list view of the final Winnebago County snow amounts can be found here. (Make sure to click the "chart" link - it's a drill down!)

The area had the snow, but what about the cold? While February was below average (summary below), both daily maximum and minimum temperatures were above average for the winter. Very close to one degree for the maximum and two degrees for the minimum.

OSNW3 February 2013 Daily Observations

(click on graph for the month summary data - it will open a new tab/window)

More Winter Climate statistics for Oshkosh can be found here (list) and here (graph)