July 2 - Oshkosh Wx Spotters Unite!

A locally grown complex of thunderstorms in NW Outagamie county organized late in the afternoon on July 2. Gaining strength as it moved south into Winnebago county the strength of the storm was evident as it reached peak intensity directly over Oshkosh.

(Radarloop Jul 2, 2012)

Hail, strong wind gusts, and street flooding were the most common reports from the eleven storm spotter reports made to the National Weather Service in Green Bay. A condensed version of the NWS-GRB Oshkosh reports are located here.

Fellow storm spotter, Mark Martin, had the opportunity to snag a hail stone and measure it. His hail measured just about an inch, but there were reports of larger hail measuring 1.5 inches. A photo of Mark's hail is below. I recovered a quarter sized hail stone at OSNW3 but was unsuccessful in getting a quality photo of it. I did get pelted in the head during the act of retrieval. I will admit that it hurt and that I should not have gone out to retrieve it in the first place. The hail fell at OSNW3 for 10-15 minutes without accumulation.

(Mark Martin's Hail - Jul 2, 2012)

Mark was able to digitally capture the other two reported storm events as well. Wind damage and flooding. Photos below. At OSNW3 we experienced the strong wind gusts and heavy rain but only small branches fell victim with some minor street flooding.

(Mark Martin's Fallen Tree - Jul 2, 2012)

(Mark Martin's Flooded Lot - Jul 2, 2012)

Soon after the storm mangled parts of Oshkosh, I caught a glimpse of faint mammatus clouds to the south on the back side of the storm. Photo below. Mammatus clouds are always a cause for jubilation. Others in Oshkosh witnessed the mammatus as well.

(Mammatus At OSNW3 - Jul 2, 2012)

(Sue Lloyd's Mammatus via Sarah Kriha - Jul 2, 2012)

Three of the six precipitation observations in the greater Oshkosh area recorded over an inch and a half of rain. The extreme north side stayed below an inch.

0.80" -- OOHW3,OSHKOSH-5 N
1.23" -- OOSW3,OSHKOSH-6

(OSNW3 Rain Gauge - Jul 2, 2012)