A November Deluge & An Early First One Inch Snowfall

Oshkosh received a down right deluge of precipitation Nov-7 through Nov-10. The area has not recorded that much precipitation in the entire month since 2003. The snow that accompanied the deluge is one of the earliest first one inch snowfalls since 1980. Impressive weather and climate as of late.

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Oshkosh November Precipitation
Since the inception of OSNW3 we have never come close to recording this much precipitation in the month of November. As of the 7am hour on Nov-13 we have measured 4.26 inches of precipitation. The next most is 1.91 inches back in 2006. With a little over a half of the month to go, OSNW3 ranks 10th all-time in Oshkosh history for the most precipitation in the month of November. Precipitation records for Oshkosh date back to 1893.

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Oshkosh First 1" Snowfalls
To most Oshkosh folks the snowfall that graced the landscape this past week was not a surprise. However, since 1980, one maybe hard pressed to remember when snow accumulated more than an inch this early in November. Off the top of my head, I could not remember. So I dug into it. Since 1980 the snow that fell in my backyard the days of Nov-9/10 is tied for the 4th earliest. It just so happens that back in 2006 two inches of snow fell in similar fashion on Nov-10/11, only without the deluge preceding it.

(Oshkosh First 1" Snowfalls Since 1980)
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I would like to clarify that the date the snowfall is tied to is the day the 24 hour observation period ended. In most cases the snow fell the day before. Official observations are recorded for a 24 hour period, 7am to 7am.


Front Of House
We still had snow on the ground and leaves as of Nov-12. Some raking still needs to take place. Leaves with snow on them become too heavy to move. I will wait until they dry. I often use the FOH photo to see things that need maintenance in the front yard. Looks like the "1" on my house number has lost it's top support. *sheesh*

The OSNW3 backyard snowfall forecast based on Lezak's Recurring Cycle theory is due out the week of Thanksgiving. The forecast in 2011-12 will evolve into a Oshkosh Winter Forecast pin pointing specific weather events and trends. It will also be open to deeper daily analysis queries if desired by readers. I am eagerly anticipating this project!

(FOH - Nov 10, 2011)