Summer is in Full Swing

Our recent pattern has included this years 'signature' storm, the infamous 'Great Lakes Cyclone', and it's passing. With the jet stream weakening and lifting north the potency of this feature in our area has faded. For warm weather enthusiasts it is a good thing as the cool air that followed each instance this winter and early spring will not reoccur. Instead temperatures should hold around average for this time of year. As the patterns continue to cycle however, I have a sneaky feeling that the setup for what was our first heat wave in early June will show up again near the end of July giving us a chance at a string of extremely hot days. We'll see. For a detailed look back at June click here.

(OSNW3 Weather Brief)
(OSNW3 July Observations)

(OSNW3 July 2011 Summary)
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Precipitation Totals Through June
As we move beyond the half way point of 2011 here at OSNW3 we have recorded 19.57 inches of precipitation. Through June it's the second highest for this time of year since we started recording data. Currently we stand with 73 days with measurable precipitation, which if matched would put us at 146 days for the year. That number would be the most ever recorded at OSNW3. Below are graphical representations of our annual precipitation.

(OSNW3 Precipitation - Monthly)

(OSNW3 Precipitation - Annual)


WIBN6 Update
A doe and it's fawns have been hanging around my Mother's back yard the past couple weeks. On Jun 24 I was able to photograph them. Both of their names are Bambi, of course.

(Fawns at WIBN6 - Jun 24, 2011)


Front Of House
Typical summer like conditions lately have helped the garden start to fill in. It is already yielding some lettuce, which is nice. I've cut the grass a hand full of times but have lost count. Looking forward to some rounds of golf where protection from the rain isn't required.

(FOH - Jul 2, 2011)