Post Winter Storm Report - Apr 19

The snow started about 11am on Apr 19 and intensified as the day progressed. The afternoon brought many bolts of lightning and claps of thunder. By the time I was able to leave Holland, WI my car was covered in about six inches of fresh heavy wet snow. The drive back to Oshkosh was long and tedious as roads were snow covered. Winds were whipping as well enhancing the low visibilities. I was able to snap a few photos in Holland and get a measurement once I got home. At the time of observation the wind was gusting considerably and the snow was winding down. A radar loop and a webcam time lapse can be found by clicking the links. A few photos of the storm are located here.

Precip: 1.23"
Snow: 6.4"
Snowdepth: 6"

(Apr 19, 2011 - 6.4" - 9:53pm)

(Apr 19, 2011 - Rain Gauge)

(Apr 19, 2001 - Weight Of Snow)

(Apr 19, 2011 - Holland, WI - 1pm)

(Apr 19, 2011 - Holland, WI - 7pm)


April Snow Stats
I quickly gathered the all-time greatest snowfalls in Oshkosh for the month of April. Seems this snowfall at OSNW3 breaks into the top ten and comes in at 7th all-time. A historical snowfall for April. This calls for a celebration!

(Top Ten Oshkosh April Snowfalls)

*** Officially in Oshkosh at the WWTP 4.6" of snowfall was recorded for the storm. That amount of snow keeps Oshkosh officially out of the top ten.