Post Snowstorm Recap - Dec 11-12, 2010

Anyone that follows the LRC knew this storm was coming. Most forecast models were confused throughout the duration. Regardless, the outcome was extreme. Our travel plans for the weekend were canceled and we stocked up on some extra foods as we knew we'd be snowed in for up to 24 hours. I even purchased a new shovel to compliment the wovel. I will be uploading a Picasa web album and videos on YouTube as time allows. Also, I am including a link to the Post Storm Survey. Participation is highly encouraged. PSS Site. Direct link to the PSS Survey for this storm. December climatology thus far can be found here. Other winter data can be found here by scrolling down to the "Winter History" section. A radar loop of the storm up until the posting of this entry can be found here. Mark your calendars for the third iteration of the 'Great Lakes Cyclone', Jan 27-28*.

*(the storm recurred on Feb 1-2 sliding a bit south and grazing OSNW3)

Winnebago County storm totals
9.3" Oshkosh WWTP (NWS Official)
9.5" Oshkosh 5.6 S
9.5" OSNW3 | Oshkosh - North
11.2" Oshkosh 5.2 N
11.3" Omro 2.3 WSW

I will be posting other post storm recaps as I find out about them.
NW Wisconsin Weather
SE Wisconsin Weather
Great Sky of the North
CoCoRaHS Station MO-CW-1
NWS Green Bay
NWS Milwaukee

(FOH - Dec 12, 2010)

Measurements (5)

Dec 12, 2010 @ 10:15
Snow ended around 10am. Very stong winds with falling temperatures. Temperature at observation was 18 degrees. I took the same eight different measurements around the observation area. 10.0" being the least and 13.6" being the most. 11.3" average.

0.5" - New Snow
9.5" - Total Storm Snow
Current Snow Depth - 11"

There will be an online photo album to go along with this storm and more videos added to YouTube within the next 24 hours.


Dec 12, 2010 @ 07:17
Now this is a blizzard. Conditions for this mornings observation were quite the same as they were during last nights observation. Moderate to heavy snow, very windy with major blowing snow. Many drifts have popped up as I was almost unable to get out the side door. I took the same eight different measurements around the observation area. 9.5" being the least and 12.6" being the most. 10.8" average.

4.5" - New Snow
9.0" - Total Storm Snow
Current Snow Depth - 11"

I will be adding a handful of videos to the YouTube site as the day progress and with snowfall still coming down I would imagine there will be at least one or two more reports.


Dec 11, 2010 @ 21:46
It's getting tough to measure. Took eight different measurements around the observation area. 6.0" being the least and 8.6" being the most. 6.3" average. Exactly one inch above what I had previous observation. Snow is coming down very heavily and winds are out of control.

1.0" - New Snow
4.5" - Total Storm Snow
Current Snow Depth - 7"


Dec 11, 2010 @ 20:21
Blizzard conditions. Major winds and blowing snow. Temperature of 28 degrees. This is a very difficult snow to observe. Many measurements will be made to get just one as the storm moves along.

2.6" - New Snow
3.5" - Total Storm Snow
Current Snow Depth - 6"

(Storm Radar Loop - up til this observation)

I am sharing a video of that moment and it's uploading now. Should be ready in the next half hour. OSNW3 YouTube.


Dec 11, 2010 @ 06:50
Light snow. A little breezy. Temperature of 24 degrees.

0.9" - New Snow
0.9" - Total Storm Snow
Current Snow Depth - 3"