Return of the 'Great Lakes Cyclone'

The transition from meteorological autumn to winter was abrupt. Temperatures were in the balmy 40's at the end of November, but since then they have struggled to break 30. A Trace of snow has been recorded seven of the first nine days of December, but only one of those days has had an accumulation. As we here at OSNW3 look forward to our first inch in the coming day, we are also anticipating the return of the 'Great Lakes Cyclone'. For a superb discussion on the potential of this weekends storm in our area please direct attention to the WeatherWatch 12 crew, they be dropping science.

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(OSNW3 December 2010 Summary)

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Seasons First Inch Of Snow
In my previous entry, WxWatcher left a comment regarding the lack of our first one inch snowfall in Oshkosh. He wondered when our latest one inch snowfall occurrence took place. That got my wheels spinning. I figured the most recent stats would suffice so I compared the previous 30 snow seasons first one inch snowfalls, 1980 through 2009. Results show that Dec 2 is the date that Oshkosh, since the 1980-81 snow season, averages the first one inch snowfall. Our earliest one inch snowfall in the same time frame is Oct 27 and our latest Jan 29. The Jan 29 date seems excruciatingly painful for snow lovers. I remember that winter, and it hurt. Below is a listing of the numbers for a closer look. Click image for a larger view.

(First One Inch Snowfalls 1980-2009)


Weekly Snowfall
The sky has been full of flakes recently thanks to the winds blowing over Lake Superior. While the LES snow belts of the Upper Peninsula measure in feet, we get to watch flurries. That doesn't take away from the beauty however. Thinking about the past handful of days and the length of the LRC, perhaps 40 some days from Dec 5 might be a good starting point to spend a couple days in the UP playing in the snow?

(Dec 4, 2010 - 0.1")


Front Of House
I enjoy my FOH photos as they provide a great way for me to see what is in need of some tender loving maintenance. I am unsure if it would be as noticeable to my eye without the photo. Think snow!

(FOH - Dec 8, 2010)