A Wet First Half Of Summer

Since Jul 5, OSNW3 has recorded 6.72" of new rainfall. Back to back six inch months have left the property very soggy with a most pungent smell of rotten in some areas. Most days have been hot and humid with abundant sunshine making all shaded spots very popular. This evening, Jul 18, was the most bearable of the past fourteen I can recall with a mostly cloudy sky. It was still humid, but the sun wasn't beating down. Long range forecasts call for more of the same but with a little less precipitation. The WxBrief now includes links for EAA aviation weather information.

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(OSNW3 July 2010 Summary)

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2010 Summer Precip and Temp
Most people in the area are aware of the above average precipitation of late. Putting things in perspective, as of Jul 18, OSNW3's Summer (Jun,Jul,Aug) is currently ranked 16th for the all-time wettest in Oshkosh's history. The significance of this is that Summer is only half through. While the temperature is only two degrees above the average mean, it is on pace to surpass the 47 days above 80° during the most recent warm Summer of 2007.

(Wettest Oshkosh Summers)

(Dog Days Of Summer)


Archived Radars and a found Lake Michigan shipwreck news article. Recall the big downpours last week on Jul 14? Our friends in Clayton, WI and Duluth, MN summarize what they dealt with as the storms pushed east. Also, the Preliminary 2009-10 Wisconsin Snowfall Map. More information on this past Winter to come in the weeks ahead.


Front Of House
That one "non rain day" away from mow number seven never happened. Our garden is somewhat suffering too. The tomato plants are having a very slow start.

(FOH - Jul 18, 2010)