July 14-15 Storms

The Oshkosh area and most of our region experienced three rounds of heavy rain and thunderstorms during the 24hr period ending 7am Jul 15, 2010. Many daily records were broken and Oshkosh was no stranger, crushing the old daily record of 1.55" by 2+ inches. Here at OSNW3 we recorded a total of 3.67". This daily value is unofficially ranked 10th all-time in Oshkosh's history for largest 24hr precipitation total. (click image for a larger view)

(Oshkosh 24hr precip greater than 3")


Some Photos
With such heavy rain in short periods of time it is no wonder that the backyard flooded. The first round of rain came around 5pm dumping 1.02", the second round came around 8pm dumping 1.57", and finally the third round came around 12am dumping 1.08". Below are a few photos of the flooded yard and rain gauge.

(Second Round Measurement)

(Second Round Yard)

(7:30am Gauge)

(7:30am Yard)


Video and Radar Loop
As the second round entered the area I was able to venture outdoors and capture a video of the clouds. The clouds were moving at a very fast pace. Click here for the video (.wmv 19MB.) Also, by navigating to the July Observation webpage, clicking on the daily description for Jul 15 will bring up the daily radar loop.


More Info
For more information on the storms from the Green Bay NWS, please click here.