A Summer-like Late May

Hot and steamy were the operative words across most of the region the early part of this week. In my opinion, the temps and dew points between May 23 and May 26 proved to be just what the doctor ordered. The heat and humidity does wonders for my skin, my short game, and my thirst for quality brews. Keep it coming, please. However, thanks to a cold front that dropped through the Great Lakes, the month will end on a more comfortable note and we will again be able to open the windows and enjoy the outside air, inside. Looking forward, the first part of June is forecast to be seasonal.

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(OSNW3 May 2010 Summary)

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Dog Days of May?
The recent heat wave provided a few days that I like to define as "dog days". Somewhat similar to the "Winter Duration" formula I compare "Summer" (May-Sep) min and max temperatures. It is reasonable to conclude that if our max temp exceeded 80 and our min temp stayed above 65 on any given day, that it was a hot and humid day. Below are graphical representations of "Dog Days" since 2007 at OSNW3.

(OSNW3 - Dog Days thru May 27, 2010)

(OSNW3 - 2009 Dog Days)

(OSNW3 - 2008 Dog Days)

(OSNW3 - 2007 Dog Days)

On a side note, since 1893, Oshkosh has endured streaks of 25+ days where the maximum temperature was 80+ degrees 8 times; 1908, 1919, 1921, 1930, 1963, 1966, 1983, and 1988. The longest streak took place in 1921, Jun 16 thru Jul 31, a whopping 46 days. During that period the average max temp was 90.7 and the average min temp was 66.5. It's average was a "dog day" by definition. Talk about hot.


Over the past two weeks we've had minimal precipitation with just three days recording measurable amounts. However, here at OSNW3 we did surpass the official Oshkosh monthly average for the first time ever. Precipitation recording began at OSNW3 in November of 2006.

(OSNW3 Annual Precipitation Summary)


Front Of House
Cut number four has taken place. The backyard garden will be planted this weekend and the new rain barrel will be installed. Looking forward to not using city water for the garden in 2010. And, right now, no one in our area has snow on the brain, just as they didn't back in 1947, but they should have. Late May 1947 Snowstorm in Wisconsin

(FOH - May 27, 2010)