Cooler By The Lake

April has been amazing thus far. Currently the warmest April ever in Oshkosh's history with no end of the above average temperatures in site. I am fearful of a turnaround plaguing the area with the same temperature extremes in the opposite direction next month. That would certainly disrupt what April has been brewing. As for precipitation, we are one tenth of an inch below average.

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Cooler By the Lake
Pesky south/southeast winds blew over long fetches of cold Lake Michigan water cooling off the eastern shoreline of WI on Wednesday, April 14. It was 61 when I left Sheboygan at 5pm on Apr 14. When I got to Fond Du Lac at 530 it was 82. My car thermometer told me so.

(Car Thermometer - Apr 14, 2010)

Temp - Mileage
61 - 373.3 - South Sheboygan
71 - 384.7
74 - 389.6
76 - 392.2
78 - 401.5
80 - 406.8
82 - 409.7 - North Fond Du Lac

36.4 miles traveled due west from Sheboygan witnessing a 21°F increase from lakeshore to inland cities. Calculates to a 0.57°F increase per mile traveled or 1.7 miles traveled per degree increase. Below are two maximum temperature maps from the NWS GRB and MKE for April 14, 2010.

(Maximum Temperatures Apr 14, 2010 - Northeast WI)

(Maximum Temperatures Apr 14, 2010 - Entire State of WI)

This sort of thing happens all the time near the lake and is certainly not a rare occurrence. I was just fortunate enough to have witnessed it this day. The 51 in Manitowoc is the extreme of it all on the maps. That area juts out further into the lake than most of all the shoreline and usually experiences the extremes of wind off of Lake Michigan.


Days Above 60°
As the seasons transition in and out of Winter here in WI, days with temperatures above 60° become more abundant. Through Apr 18, 2010 we here at OSNW3 have recorded 23 days since Oct 1, 2009. Dissecting the graphs of previous years and comparing them to this year it is evident that this April has been much warmer.

(Days Above 60° Oct 1, 2009 thru Apr 18, 2010)

(Days Above 60° Oct 1, 2008 - Apr 30, 2009)

(Days Above 60° Oct 1, 2007 - Apr 30, 2008)


Front Of House
The Spring bloom around here at OSNW3 is about two full weeks, or a whole "growing phase" ahead of last year. Last year on Apr 18, the pussywillow tree was budding. This year it was budding Apr 5, and the buds have already given way to leaves. The early growth is evident everywhere around town. Derek has been documenting his early green-up for over a month now in NW Wisconsin. Check it out here.

(FOH - Apr 18, 2010)