The Month Of The Pearl

With a 2"+ snowfall to begin last week and a moderate snowfall forecast for early this week, the first two weeks of February will out total the entire month of January in the snowfall department. It will be a welcomed change of events here at OSNW3.
(OSNW3 February Observations)

(OSNW3 February 2010 Summary)

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Weekly Snowfall
Light snow made an appearance early in the week. It was a welcomed site and I even got to use the wovel again. Later in the week we had another light snowfall, however the daytime temps were above freezing so the snow never had a chance to accumulate.

(Feb 2, 2010 - 1.3")

(Feb 3, 2010 - 0.9")


East Coast Snowpocalypse
A good friend of ours lives near Washington DC. He's from Green Bay and schooled in Houghton, MI so he's had his fair share of large scale snow storms and LES events. This most recent blast in DC ranks as his "second worst snowstorm" he's been involved in. Pretty impressive in my opinion. He reported 20+" at his place in VA. Below are a few photos and his exact location. Thanks Matt!!


Front Of House
We're in the heart of winter, but yet it feels like it has hardly begun.

(FOH - Feb 7, 2010)