Welcome December

December is upon us and things are becoming interesting. Many forecasters are currently predicting the first major winter storm to affect the area early next week (Tue/Wed). All the while, it seems like forever since the last time the high temperature even stayed below freezing. It has been quite an extent of days, 266 consecutive days as a matter of fact, ending on Dec 4 as the temperature maxed out at 26.0°. Once the temperature tumbled, it allowed the seasons first accumulation of snow to occur. It was nice to see the white stuff once again. Last year at this time we had 5" on the ground.
(OSNW3 December Observations)

(OSNW3 December 2009 Summary)

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First Accumulation
The 2009-2010 winter seasons first accumulating snowfall took place during the day on Dec 3, 2009 (First & Lasts). It was somewhat unexpected as most forecasts kept accumulating snow out of the question 24 hours prior. The day started out with flurries mostly comprised of tiny white balls. The short lived burst of snow during the afternoon was of the large fluffy flaked kind. I measured 0.4" shortly after the burst of snow had passed. It flurried throughout the night but nothing else accumulated. (radar/video/daily movie)

(0.4" measured @ 2:50 on Dec 4 - Total 0.4")


Front Of House
Perhaps the front yard on Monday will look like it did on Dec 7, 2008. It would mean I would have Woveled. :)

(FOH - Dec 5, 2009)