Snowy Start

It's been another snowy start for the month of December. There is nothing better then below average temps and continuous snowfall. Some chilly air settled in, as this photo represents well, after the first of three clipper systems moved through the area. On Dec 7 the temp fell to 3.7° making it the coldest low of the 2008/2009 season so far. OSNW3 has recorded measureable snowfall five of the first eight days of December, bringing the December monthly total to 7.5". With a potential "major" snowstorm looming we could be off to a record pace (official - 25.7" / OSNW3 - 22.5"). Keep up on the daily observation totals along with photos and radar loops at the official OSNW3 website (not this blog) as we embrace another awesome start to December! (OSNW3 December Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2007 / 2008 | Dec 1 - 8)
Max temp: 26.8 / 27.0 / +0.2
Min temp: 12.0 / 9.6 / -2.4

(December 2008 Precipitation)
2008 Monthly Total
Precip 0.50
Snow 7.5
Oshkosh Average
Precip 1.55
Snow 10.9
Precip (1.05)
Snow (3.4)


Alicia's Alberta Clipper!
In my absence Tue-Thu this past week, Alicia took over the responsibility of the OSNW3 observations. Lucky her, as an Alberta Clipper moved through dropping a total of 3.0" (0.26). (radar loop)

(2.0" during the 24hr period ending Dec 3)

(1.0" during the 24hr period ending Dec 4)

The Clippers didn't stop when I returned. I was fortunate enough to be back just in time for two more to roll through. 0.9" during the 24hr period ending Dec 6 (radar loop), and 1.5" during the 24hr period ending Dec 8 (radar loop/daily video).

(0.4" measured @ 4:24am on Dec 6 - Total 0.9")

(1.4" measured @ 7:36pm on Dec 7 - Total 1.5")


Front Of House
(FOH - Dec 7, 2008)