Nope, not here in Oshkosh, But in the Dallas, TX area. Seems the Dallas area received a measurable snowfall before Northeast WI this year. A good friend of ours who lives in Dallas reported early this morning that it was snowing. Below is his photo. His photo doesn't show any accumulation and it is hard to pick out the flakes, but in the distance it sure looks like it is snowing. I believe him. Also, below is a snapshot of a webcam in the Fort Worth area with some definite accumulation on the grass.

(Dallas, TX area - Dec 2, 2009)

(photo courtesy of Brett Eifler)

(Fort Worth, TX area - Dec 2, 2009)

(photo courtesy of

(Regional radarloop)

(click on radar for a larger image)


Fun Satellite Images
Last night I was surfing the WisconsinView site satellite images. I came across three that stood out to me. Below are descriptions of each.

-First is the day prior to the ice shoves on Lake Winnebago. The ice on the lake is noticeably cracked and separated. Not more than a day after this image, that ice was pushed onshore. To revisit the happenings that day, please see this blog entry.

(Mar 30, 2009 - Lake Winnebago)

(click on image for the entire image)

-Second is of what may or may not be happening on Lake Superior during the day of July 23, 2009. Looks like a major marine layer of fog encapsulating the entire lake! Perhaps Tim or Nathan could shed some light on this?!

(Jul 23, 2009 - Lake Superior)

(click on image for a larger view)

-Third is of a small low pressure that moved through Northeast WI and the Eastern Upper Peninsula this Summer. From both satellite and radar it looked like a small hurricane. Pretty neat in my opinion.

(Aug 14, 2009 - Low Pressure)

(click on image for a larger view)

(Aug 14, 2009 - Radar Loop)

(click on radar for a larger image)


You guessed it. I'm patiently waiting for snow! :)
***Addendum - It snowed on Dec 3 here in Oshkosh. Patience is a virtue.