Days of April

There were a few systems that rolled through this past week, but only one made an impact here at OSNW3. One day with rain and wind proved to be the highlight of the week. Temps for the most part were below average, but by no means cold. We spent a good amount of time outdoors taking walks and such. (OSNW3 April Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2008 / 2009 | April 1 - 5)
Max temp: 46.9 / 45.8 / -1.1
Min temp: 30.9 / 31.9 / +1.0

(April 2009 Precipitation | April 1 - 5)
2009 Monthly Total
Precip.. 0.24"
Snow.... 0.0"
Oshkosh Average
Precip.. 2.87"
Snow.... 1.5"
Precip.. -2.63"
Snow.... -1.5"


Waves & Ice Shoves
As the storm system moved through the area on Mar 31, with it came some powerful southeast winds. Enough to stir up the Sheboygan shoreline of Lake Michigan and to push the Lake Winnebago ice onto the shoreline in Oshksoh. In some places almost as high as the houses. Wind gusts (data from Mike Davey) were almost 30mph. (radar loop)

(Lake Michigan - Mar 31, 2009)

(Ice Shoves - Mar 31, 2009)

More photos of the waves and ice shoves can be found here.


March Snowfall
March ended 2.1" above average for snowfall (Seasonal Snowfall). Snow fell on 4 days, which seems typical for the three years I've been observing and slightly above the Oshkosh average (Days with Measurable Snow).

(OSNW3 Snowfall Comparison - March)

(OSNW3 Snowfall Comparison Through March)


Broken Record
March of 2009 broke an OSNW3 monthly maximum precipitation record. 1.55" was observed on Mar 25. Minor flooding accompanied this event (Monthly Extremes).

(Precipitation - March)


There was a lot of media talk about the handful of storms that made their way across the continental US the past two weeks. Major snowstorms and tornadoes, top to bottom. I put together the US radar loop of Mar 22 through Apr 2. It's 30MB. Unfortunately I was unable to obtain the rest of Apr 2 and the entire day of Apr 3 as the radar image I d/l to create these loops failed to update during that time missing the entire fourth system moving across the Midwest. No reason to continue after that.

AND, it's always fun to watch the snow depth loop... check it out here. The time at which it loops is adjustable. Replace the "Speed in ms" with any number you like. The previous two seasons are obtainable by clicking here, or by clicking on the dates to the left/right of the page title, on the page.

(Screen Capture - Snowdepth Loop)


Front Of House
Let the growing begin!

(FOH - Apr 5, 2009)