December's Big Hand

We have to give a big hand to the 12 beginning days of December 2009. In these 12 days we here at OSNW3 have experienced a plethora of seasonal firsts. First accumulation (Dec 3), first inch (Dec 7), our first snowstorm and the first day of winter (Dec 12) have all taken place. The first snowfalls came a week or two late, but the first snowstorm and winter were near "normal" according to archived data observed at OSNW3 (Firsts & Lasts).
(OSNW3 December Observations)

(OSNW3 December 2009 Summary)

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Weekly Snowfall
The past week was an exciting one for snowfall. The beginning of the week we were still wishing for snow. As of today we've got a fairly fresh base, seven inches deep. As for what is to come next in Oshkosh, follow these guys (Tim, Derek, & Chris) and you'll have an idea of the days ahead. If what they're reporting sparks an interest then check the OSNW3 Weather Brief for a detailed look at the Oshkosh area forecast.

-First 1"+ Snowfall - Dec 7, 2009
This snow came overnight. I had been lazy getting the light mounted this season and no better time to squeeze it in but the day before the first forecast calling for over an inch of snow. Click here for the daily movie of Dec 6-7, 2009. (daily movies)

(1.8" measured @ 7:44 on Dec 7 - Total 1.8")

-Snowstorm Dec 8-9, 2009
With each Winter Storm Warning issued by the NWS GRB, we here at OSNW3 give it special attention by following it step by step. The past storm qualified and got it's own blog entry. While there wasn't any damage from the storm in my backyard, Chris (WeatherScout) had tree damage on his property (blog entry) as did our friend Casey. Casey says "This tree was prob 60ft tall." See photos below of the fallen tree. Thanks for sharing Casey!

(Green Bay, WI - Dec 8, 2009)


Front Of House
Now we're talking. A good base to start out the Winter.

(FOH - Dec 12, 2009)