November 2009 - Fourth Warmest All-Time

November 2009 finishes at number 4 for all-time warmest Novembers (records date back to 1893). Holding strong all month coming in with a mean temperature of 42.8° (follow this link for more on this statistic). It also becomes the fourth consecutive November which OSNW3 has measured below average precipitation (Annual Precipitation). As far as snow, no measurable snow fell all month (Days with Snow). As this November comes to a close, it is now 262 consecutive days the temperature has reached a daily maximum above 32° (2007[228], 2008[246]). However, with some Winter like temperatures forecast to move in the next couple of days then to stick around for a week or two, things will begin to feel and look more like "normal".
(OSNW3 November Observations)

(OSNW3 November 2009 Summary)

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(OSNW3 Precipitation Through November 2009)

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Sunshine seemed to be out there this November with 22 Days with Sun but it is five less than the previous two. We recorded 0 t-storms at OSNW3 in November which keeps our yearly total at 16. For more daily climate information about November at OSNW3, click here.


Front Of House
I am holding out until is snows. So I will remember these photos. The night before the deepest depth of the 2008-2009 Winter season was measured, and then measured again a few days later, 14".

(OSNW3 - Dec 20, 2008)

(OSNW3 - Dec 26, 2008)