May Hatchings

This past week was absolutely perfect. Temperatures kept on climbing and topped out above 70 four days in a row. The rains came late in the week and with it some cooler air. Nothing to extreme, but it was a friendly reminder that it is only the first half of May. Trees around the area are leafed out, flower beds are in bloom, and I've mowed the lawn. Spring is in full effect. (OSNW3 May Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2008 / 2009 | May 1 - 10)
Max temp: 62.2 / 66.6 / +4.4
Min temp: 44.7 / 47.7 / +3.0

(May 2009 Precipitation | May 1 - 10)
2009 Monthly Total
Precip.. 0.74"
Snow.... 0.0"
Oshkosh Average
Precip.. 2.96"
Snow.... T"
Precip.. -2.22"
Snow.... -T"


Winnebago Lake Fly Hatch
The annual spring Lake Fly hatch has apparently happened. This past Friday (May 8) I noticed one on our front porch door window. I didn't realize the initial hatching surge had taken place however, until I saw the "Top News Of The Day" entry, Lake Fly Hatch Seen on NWS Doppler Radar, from the NWS Green Bay. Simply amazing that the hatch was picked up on Doppler radar (click link to see radar). I cannot personally confirm the hatch as I haven't been over to the lake since Friday, and the 1.4 miles from the lake that I live, is usually a safe distance to stay completely clear of the monstrous swarms.

:: Addendum, I can personally confirm the hatch. So can my windshield. The ride from Oshkosh to Neenah on County Road A during the morning hours of May 11 put millions of them on display a couple feet above the road.

(Winnebago Lake Flies - image from ASLO)


Dog Days of Summer
We are months away from the hottest days of the year, but as it was discussed in last weeks comments, "would you consider any of your summer as being "humid"? Or does the dry Canadian air keep you nice and comfy all summer?". WxWatcher's question got the wheels spinning about how to graphically represent that our WI summers do indeed encapsulate the uncomfortable side of the warm months. Somewhat similar to the "Winter Duration" formula, I decided to compare summer temperatures, as that is the all the data I have beside precipitation for OSNW3. It is likely to conclude that if our max temps exceed 80 and our min temps do not fall below 65 on any given day, that it was a hot and humid day. I have yet to compare dewpoints on the days that this formula promotes as being a "Dog Day". This is obviously a work in progress...

The graph below shows the total days with a max temp above 80, min temp above 65, and "dog days" at OSNW3 which are the two previous conditions taking place on the same day.

(OSNW3 - Dog Days thru May 10, 2009)

The graphs below are the conditions strung out over the days observed for that given year.

(OSNW3 - 2007 Dog Days)

(OSNW3 - 2008 Dog Days)


Front Of House
I cut the lawn on May 8...

(FOH - May 10, 2009)

(Looking West - May 10, 2009)

(Looking East - May 10, 2009)