Dec 14, 2008

First "actual" day of Winter

The snowy start to December continued into this past week, dropping a good dose on Dec 8-9, but fizzled out as the week wore on. Temps hovered below average until the system currently affecting us rolled in. Temps maxed out above freezing on Dec 13 and the precipitation that fell, fell in liquid form. Our snowpack is sustaining itself fairly well to this point... (OSNW3 December Observations)

(Temp Comparison 2007 / 2008 | Dec 1 - 14)
Max temp: 26.3 / 27.4 / +1.1
Min temp: 12.3 / 9.9 / -2.4

(December 2008 Precipitation)
2008 Monthly Total
Precip 1.11"
Snow 14.2"
Oshkosh Average
Precip 1.55"
Snow 10.9"
Precip (0.44")
Snow 3.3"


First "actual" day of Winter (Defined)
Dec 10 was the official FDW at OSNW3. Last year, the FDW at OSNW3 was Dec 9 (2007/2008). Comparing this December to last, and the days preceding Winter, they seem quite similar (2007/2008). Congrats to DoubleJ for predicting this outcome way back on October 27, 2008 at 4:05:30 pm. Nice work!

(2008/2009 Winter Duration Graph - Thru Dec 14, 2008)


Snowfall Dec 8-9
This snowfall got the Winter Storm Warning tag from the NWS Green Bay, which results in OSNW3 giving it the attention of real time updates within it's own entry. Details at Snowstorm - Dec 8-9


Snowfall Information
The links below will take you to the OSNW3 website.

Seasonal Snowfall (18.9" so far in 2008/2009)
Seasonal Snowcore (0.6" of water equivalent as of Dec 8)
Days with Measurable Snow (9 days so far in 2008/2009)


Front Of House
(FOH - Dec 14, 2008)


JetStream - Online School for Weather
I was browsing one of Dew's (The Flight of a South Georgia Storm Chaser) recent blog entries and came across a couple certificates she earned in Meteorology. Curiously I followed the link associated with the certificates. Turns out the JetStream - Online School For Weather from the NWS is quite the AWESOME. I tried the Synoptic Meteorology exam w/o reading the material. I passed, but with minimal accuracy. 6 of 10 correct. I went back shortly after and read the material. Took the exam again and passed with a 9 of 10 accuracy. Seems I should take more time when answering, because I knew the answer just chose the wrong multiple choice. :) Great lesson overall and I am excited to learn more from this site.