December Snowfall Record Imminent

This past week was snowy and cold for the most part. Four out of the seven days OSNW3 saw accumulating snows, and on six of the seven days had min temps in the single digits with three of those six being below zero. The lowest max temp ever recorded at OSNW3 in the month of December fell on Dec 15, 7.0°, which was the first time the max temp didn't rise out of the single digits since Feb 20, 2008 when it was 9.0°, 300 days ago. Also recorded was the lowest temp ever in December at OSNW3, on Dec 21, when it dipped to -5.3°, AND, as of the 24hr observation period ending Dec 21, OSNW3 has recorded 25.7" of snowfall, which ties the official record for the month of December in Oshkosh.
(OSNW3 December Observations)
(Accumulated Snowfall Through December)

(Temp Comparison 2007 / 2008 | Dec 1 - 21)
Max temp: 26.6 / 25.3 / -1.3
Min temp: 13.7 / 7.1 / -6.6

(December 2008 Precipitation)
2008 Monthly Total
Precip 1.97"
Snow 25.7"
Oshkosh Average
Precip 1.55"
Snow 10.9"
Precip +0.42"
Snow +14.8"


Snowfall Dec 16
A fluffy light snow fell as the temp plunged to the negative side of zero for the first time this Winter season. (radar loop/daily video)

(1.2" measured @ 8:21pm on Dec 16 - Total 1.2")

(1.1" measured @ 3:10am on Dec 17 - Total 2.3")


Snowfall Dec 19
This snowfall got the Winter Storm Warning tag from the NWS Green Bay, which results in OSNW3 giving it the attention of real time updates within it's own entry. Details at Snowstorm - Dec 19


Snowfall Dec 20
The snow came down lightly during the early afternoon and then a bit more moderately during the evening. In the early morning hours of Dec 21 the bottom fell out, however, and the temps dropped from 21° to -2° within hours as the winds increased and starting blowing and drifting the fresh snow. (This snowfall didn't get the Winter Storm Warning tag from the NWS Green Bay, just the Winter Weather Advisory tag, which resulted in OSNW3 not giving it the attention of real time updates within it's own entry)

(2.6" measured @ 7:35pm on Dec 20 - Total 2.6")

(1.1" measured @ 9:35pm on Dec 20 - Total 3.7")

(1.2" measured @ 1:22am on Dec 21 - Total 4.9")

Total snowfall for the 24hr period was 5.1", as we had a bout with some LES early in the day that accumulated to 0.2". (radar loop/daily movie)

*Reminder, CWA and state wide snow information is available for easy access on the OSNW3 official website home page.


Front Of House
(FOH - Dec 21, 2008)