September Summary

Oshkosh experienced a fair share of warmth this past September. Eight days recorded temperatures above 80 degrees. One of those days even surpassed the 90 degree mark. Oshkosh recorded a high temperature of 91 degrees on September 10th. This is the first 90 degree day in Oshkosh during the month of September since 2005, when two 90 degree days were recorded. September of 1931 holds the record amount with 8 days at or above 90 degrees.

September is a transformation and transition month. Where there is warmth there is a chill not far behind. Temperatures dropped 50 degrees just five days after the 91 degree day. The cooler temperatures, coupled with cloudless nights, assisted in handing the area the first frost of the season on September 16th. This cool down mainly exploited the rural areas and the majority of the city had to wait several more days to record the first frost. I witnessed the first frost in my backyard on September 22nd.

Monthly precipitation ended near the thirty year average. Officially the Waste Water Treatment Plant recorded 3.54 inches. I tallied 3.20 inches in my backyard. I recorded ten days of measurable precipitation, three of which were accompanied with thunderstorms. The wettest stretch of days occurred between the 14th and 20th of the month. The U.S. Drought monitor has Winnebago County split in half once again as the western portion of the county continues to endure abnormally dry conditions.

OSNW3 September 2013 Daily Observations

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The beginning of October will prosper from the spectacular ending to September with soothing orange, red and yellows dotting the landscape. As expected this time of year, cool air is looming. The average first freeze in Oshkosh is October 12th. Enjoy the show!